Salmon Shark Fishing

Salmon Sharks are Alaska’s most powerful & unique game fish.

This is serious Big Game Fishing involving Guns, Bang sticks, Harpoons, Gaffs, Knives, large Hooks, & Big powerful Sharks! The Shark limit is currently 1 per day & 2 per year per person; they make excellent table fare (when properly cared for) which tastes similar to Swordfish. Catch & Release of these unique gamefish is promoted if filling the freezer is not your goal.

Alaska salmon shark fishing takes place in June – September
Some fishing locations literally have hundreds of Sharks gorging on salmon near the surface; an incredible spectacle as these apex predators can launch themselves out of water while chasing salmon. Sharks typically range between 250-500 lbs. but can get nearly twice as big in size! Long grueling battles are the norm on these Sharks as they have been compared to the fight of giant Marlin. This sport fishery is still being pioneered & there are only a handful of boats in Alaska with the proper knowledge & gear to successfully charter for these Sharks. Salmon Shark fishing is truly an unforgettable Alaskan experience!